Daddy’s Girl

So, this post is coming a little late.  Between running around like a chicken with my head chopped off as I keep up with The Tipsy Bee and the farm and my husband and Audrey-Jane, and then the whole being pregnant thing, it seems that I never have time to sit and post!

It may be all of the hormones and feeling sentimental from being pregnant, but lately I have just been in awe at the bond between Audrey-Jane and her Daddy.  There is no doubt about it.  She loves her Mama.  But she is definitely a daddy’s girl, too.  Her whole face lights up when she sees him.  He is without a doubt her prince charming.  When asked, “Whose Daddy’s baby?”  She points to herself and says, “Me!!”

And the feeling is mutual.  Donnie calls to check on Audrey-Jane through the day.  He changes diapers and makes sure that she doesn’t run out of her favorite almond milk.  And on Valentine’s Day, I am not sure who was more excited… him giving her flowers or her receiving them. IMG_0721

They love horses and the cows and watching old cowboy movies on TV.   They both have big appetites and enjoy eating.  He loves coffee and Audrey-Jane loves walking around with his coffee cup when he is finished drinking is morning cup.

And before long, Baby Girl Mills will be here to join the fun.  And I hope that she is a daddy’s girl just like her big sister! IMG_0730 IMG_0823


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