Daddy’s Girl

So, this post is coming a little late.  Between running around like a chicken with my head chopped off as I keep up with The Tipsy Bee and the farm and my husband and Audrey-Jane, and then the whole being pregnant thing, it seems that I never have time to sit and post!

It may be all of the hormones and feeling sentimental from being pregnant, but lately I have just been in awe at the bond between Audrey-Jane and her Daddy.  There is no doubt about it.  She loves her Mama.  But she is definitely a daddy’s girl, too.  Her whole face lights up when she sees him.  He is without a doubt her prince charming.  When asked, “Whose Daddy’s baby?”  She points to herself and says, “Me!!”

And the feeling is mutual.  Donnie calls to check on Audrey-Jane through the day.  He changes diapers and makes sure that she doesn’t run out of her favorite almond milk.  And on Valentine’s Day, I am not sure who was more excited… him giving her flowers or her receiving them. IMG_0721

They love horses and the cows and watching old cowboy movies on TV.   They both have big appetites and enjoy eating.  He loves coffee and Audrey-Jane loves walking around with his coffee cup when he is finished drinking is morning cup.

And before long, Baby Girl Mills will be here to join the fun.  And I hope that she is a daddy’s girl just like her big sister! IMG_0730 IMG_0823


Cows, a little piece of heaven

IMG_1658 (2)
Deworming the calves or the farmers’ term would be wormin’


New feeder calves
New feeder calves





I generally talk about cupcakes, wine, honey, and Audrey-Jane on Instagram, Facebook, and now the blog.  If my

IMG_1667 (2)
My love doing what he loves… working cows!

husband makes the cut, it is because he is baking cupcakes, bottling wine, taking honey from the bees, or posing with Audrey-Jane, and I kinda didn’t give him a choice but just forced him into having his picture taken.  However, he is an important part of not just The Tipsy Bee but also our farm.  So, I decided to put the spotlight on him, though he agreed only after I promised to bake him a dozen white velvet cupcakes and an apple pie!


If you are around my husband, dad, or father-in-law for more than 2 minutes, you will talk about cows in some form or fashion.  It may be that a new calf was born, a new bull was just put in the pasture, or that hay is ready to bale and the cows will need plenty to get through winter.  In fact, when Audrey-Jane hears the word cow, she automatically says, “Moo!” Last week, the talk was on the feeder calves that my husband recently purchased.

Our farm is a working farm and thus designed to make money to support our family.  My husband thought that since he has an abundance of hay this winterIMG_1685 (2)

, he would purchase and feed out feeder calves.  For most people, working a new group of calves, meaning deworming and vaccinating them, would be work.  Nothing more. Nothing less.  For the men in

IMG_1680 (2)
Love the yellow boots! Fashion first!

my family,

IMG_1688 (2)
My father-in-law showing the calf who is boss.

it is a little piece of heaven.  It makes their blood pump a little faster through their veins.  It is a rush of adrenaline.  It is what makes their heart go pitter patter.


And as crazy as it may seem, cows are one of the things that my husband and I bonded over when we first met.  We both grew up helping our dads on the farm.  We both grew up loving the smells and sounds of farm life.  And this love of cows and farming is one of the many things that we hope to pass on to Audrey-Jane and Baby Mills.

New Year, New Job

Happy 2016!  I hope that your new year is off to a great start.  At the beginning of the new year, I always wonder what is in store?  It is exciting to think about all of the possibilities a new year holds!   There is one thing that we are really looking forward to in 2016…

This year, Audrey-Jane will be taking on a new job… one that she thinks is important and will be so much fun!  Around July 19, 2016… she will become a…


We are all excited about this new role for her and wonderful addition to our family!  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as our family enters this new chapter.

Much love!  Christian & Donnie

Billboards & Blogs

1003-Unit 2, I-40 WB @ Exit 384We have two exciting happenings at The Tipsy Bee. First of all, we have two beautiful billboards on I-40 that we can’t stop riding by to look at. I know that this seems a little silly, but it is super exciting to me.

Our other big news is that we have a new blog. We had another blog, and it just wasn’t very user friendly for someone like me who is technologically challenged at times. I may post daily or once a week, but please visit our blog frequently for ramblings and big announcements alike. Christian

Welcome to the TTB blog!


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